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Hello everyone! Welcome to 11/11/11! Great date! I'm so pleased to be a part of the Iron Knight Blog tour. Julie's Iron Fey Series is so special to me because it's one of the first YA titles I became obsessed with in my early blogging career and, now it's come full circle with the opportunity to share an excerpt with you thanks to MERYL L. MOSS MEDIA

Here it is :

That was just as well, because it took nearly the whole night to find what we were looking for.At the edge of a scummy pond stood a house, faded and gray like everything else. A picket fence made of bleached white bones surrounded it, naked skulls topping the posts,and a few scraggly chickens milled about in what passed as a yard.  
If one was to compare the Iron Fey series with and epic musical, The Iron Knight would be the crescendo. In the prior novels we have seen the Fey world through Meghan's eyes and heart. Especially her love for Ash. Now in Ashallayan'darkmyr Tallyn's own words we see the darkness he has lived through and the light he his trying to reach : A human soul that will let him survive in The Iron Kingdom and return to Meghan's arms.
There are so many wonderful elements in this novel which at its heart is a hero's journey. Like all great journeys companions come and go, battles are fought and ... well that would just be giving it away :)
Puck is a revelation in this book as well. His decision to join Ash confounds him. Puck's humor adds a wonderful element to the story that necessarily delves into the darker elements of Ash's nature. A wonderful read! Team Ash fans will be in heaven, and come away with a greater love and appreciation for the wonderful Puck.
If you haven't yet stepped into this wonderful world now is the time .
Hope you enjoyed this teaser, be sure to visit I Heart Monster  Tomorrow for the next stop on the  Iron Knight Tour.

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