Friday, November 18, 2011

REVIEW: Brains a zombie memoir by Robin Becker

Ever wonder what a Zombie thinks?Yes there is the primal quest for Braiiiins, the tender flesh of humans, but what of their own brains? In this memoir we meet Jack Barnes, a college professor who finds himself greatly changed after a zombie bite. Trapped in the typical zombie mold with typical cravings Jack is also surprised to find his thought processes fully intact. Barely able to get more than a gargled groan out verbally, Jack still sets out to create a nuclear family in a zombified world. First up this brave new Adam Zombie needs an Eve. He finds it in a terrified young pregnant woman at a diner whom he quickly bites.

Like a rag tag troop more and more zombies form around his band: two former soldiers, a teen aged gunslinger, a young African American boy with incredible speed and a hankering for meaty ankles.

Jack is the star of this novel though. His self absorption in life has turned into a strong survival instinct. Yes he cares as much as he can for those around him but his loyalties are mainly towards himself. I read this book in a few hours and really enjoyed it. It was an interesting balance seeing Jacks intellect pitted against his ever growing hunger.

Humor, some good Zombie action and a satisfying ending. Really all I crave in my zombie fiction :)

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