Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Yes this third volume of the Downside Ghosts Series has plenty of action, chilling ghosts and a deeper look at the inner workings of the church and it's rituals. At the center of this once again is Chess Putnam. Chess is offered a job that would really take her out of her current financial strain. It comes with a steep price though: She is bound to reveal nothing of what she discovers to anyone but her fellow church investigators.

Things fall apart quickly when her drug supplier sends his enforcer Terrible to find out why she was found around one of his properties with other Church witches. This meeting with Terrible is a painful sweetness. After revelations in the last book Terrible wont even look at her . His anger clings tightly to him. He wars internally with his anger and desire for Chess.

Chess and  Terrible's relationship is center of the maelstrom of action and danger in this volume. My heart went through so many ups and down in this book. I was  completely caught off guard at how deeply I've been invested in these characters. In different ways Terrible and Chess are broken. Their is so much they have in common and so many mistakes and fears that can tear them apart.

I loved everything about this book! The palpable sexy ,tension between Chess and Terrible leads to some wonderful scenes romance fans will adore. I also really enjoyed learning more about The City. As events lead up to an infiltration of the city and the release of an army of vengeful ghosts.

Another great entry in an amazing series! Loved it soooo much!!! Cant wait for book 4! 


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