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The House of Night Novel series is one of those catch 22 situations. On the one hand it has a lot of elements I enjoy: YA series, Strong female lead, paranormal elements. On the other hand it is also an established series with several volumes already released and more to come it would take an extensive time and monetary sacrifice to jump in . So though I've been intrigued by the series I haven't made the leap to purchase them.
Now here is Dark Horse with a 5 issue miniseries set in the world of the House of Night Universe. Also with the first issue having a special price point of $1.00 there really is NO excuse for paranormal fans of books and comics to give this book a try.
What I enjoyed most about this book is hop easily writer Kent Dalian brings us up to speed in this new world. We meet Zoe Redbird who is a Marked Vampyre. Marked's are marked by the Goddess in Zoey's case it's the Goddess Nyx. Once marked the hard part begins: Training as a fledgling. They learn a variety of magical arts and skills leading up to their Change, the time when their tattoo's fill in completely.
Zoe is in the unique position of being the only fledgling that has completely filled marks and has been granted leadership of a group of fledgelings called The Dark Daughters.
It's an honor she doesn't want and more importantly one she doesn't think she deserves.
 With the help of her friends and the Fledgling handbook she explores the story of Freya and the path she took to establish a House of Night in Norway in the year 1270. Through the story she finds the clues to put herself on the path that has been prepare for this.
Great storytelling and wonderful art by Jones & Kerschl. There is also creative input by P.C & Kristin Cast writers of the Novel series.
Current fans of  the House series will love this miniseries that takes place between certain scenes in Betrayed and new fans like myself will be on board for all 5 issues and possibly pick up the first book in the series Marked :) Definitely check this out! Available at your local Comic shop or for Digital Download at DarkHorse


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Sandy said...

I am not a House of Night fan but the art for the mini comic book series caught my fancy so its on my TBR to read xD.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it!