Wednesday, November 2, 2011


With the growing YA dystopian market it is understandable the appeal the story of Legend would have in the publishing world. What was once the Western United States is now the Republic. A nation at war and with a very strong categorization of its citizens. June is the pride of a a family with strong military backgrounds. She thrives on strengthening her skills and remaining a source of pride for her brother Metias.
Day lives the other end of life in this grand Republic. His family lives in the slums thinking him dead. Instead he is a type of Robin Hood, bringing food and medicine to the poor community and secretly his family. the book is told from these two characters point of views until one singular incident puts them on the same path: The murder of June's brother, supposedly by Day.
I was really intrigued by this book for the first 50 pages but then it kind of fell apart for me. I really connected with Day. Marie does a great job with him. I had a clear view of  his look, emotions and goals. Unfortunately June just wasn't interesting to me. I really couldn't connect with her and really didn't care about her quest  to find Day.
Even when the two come together and discover growing feelings for each other I really wasn't engaged enough to care. As a debut author this book does show Lu's writing talents but she failed to balance both characters for me and thus lost my interest. I might check out book 2 but I'm kind of on the fence about it.


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