Wednesday, November 30, 2011



I was so happy to get the opportunity to read an advanced PDF of Princeless issue 2. This series has so many wonderful elements that I really want to spread the word about it. Princeless is the story of Lady Adrienne who has fallen into one of the worst situations a young independent young woman can experience: She has been placed in a tower guarded by a fierce Dragon.

Lime many a Princess before her and also a fate she shares with her sisters , Adrienne spends her days watching rescuers fail and her and moaning the loss of her independence.

The discovery of a sword under her bed and some negotiating with her dragon Spark and the two are off to rescue her sisters and possibly other trapped princesses.

We also get to see the other side of the Princess rescue operations through the eyes of Prince Devin Adrienne's twin brother. He has been unsuccessfully training in swordplay and other Price like occupations while wondering why his very qualified sister Adrienne isn't allowed to rule.

Great swordplay and action this issue as Adrienne shows up at home disguised as a warrior. She hopes to rescue her sister Appolonia only to find her gone.

Another great issue that really moves the plot forward. I'm looking forward to the next stage of Adrienne's quest.Adrienne is such a great role model for young girls. I love her quick wit and desire to not settle for the limited options her status and sex demand. I also really enjoyed learning more about Devin. His love and respect for his sister is really evident in this issue. It is ironic how there personalities and desires don't match with the roles their father and their kingdom demands.

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