Thursday, November 3, 2011


Song of the Nile is the sequel to Stephanie's book Lily of the Nile. The name Cleopatra has stood the test of time. Her story filled with magic , myth, and sensuality. Selene however is the star of this series. There is a great mythology that can build around a dead historical figure, but what of those who lived? Selene shows us a glimpse of that life. Growing up as a Royal captive of Rome, Selene has now reached maturity and is a pawn in a political marriage to King Juba II.
The two of them are given the kingdom of Mauretania, a kingdom partly in shambles and necessary for the flow of grain and resources to Rome. Selene struggles a lot in this book. She is burdened with the expectations of Caesar and her desire to grow into he powers as a devote of Isis. I had an interesting experience with Selene in this book. She experiences some horrific things and also makes some choices that readers might not understand. This kept me very engaged as i watched her develop her own path despite the expectations of many around her.
From the dangerous courts of Rome, to the wilds of Africa and most importantly the landscape of her heart, Dray gives us a fully realized heroine and a glimpse into the past.
I enjoyed learning more about the time period and the worshippers of Isis. A very enveloping book with a satisfying ending.

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Dazzling Mage said...

I should really pick up this series. I used to love reading about Cleopatra, I want to go back to those days~

Great review. =)