Saturday, November 26, 2011



A Prince in desperate need, A creature bound to his kingdom and deadly court politics are the key story elements in this lovely atmospheric read from Leah Cypess.
Everything in this novel is intriguing. A prince comes to a dark and mysterious woods. The object of his search is the Shifter. The Shifter is the defender of  the royal line and the current prince and heir to the throne is in danger. Once found and bound we learn the Shifters name is Isabel and she has been absent from the kingdom for many years, every since the prior King was murdered.
Prince Rokan brings Isabel back to the castle and her new duties : to protect his life at all costs. This book is a wondeful read! It has a lot of elements found in traditional fairy tales with a different slant. Isabel is a very interesting character. There is a great mystery surrounding her as she discovers her powers are not up to par with what Rokan and the other castle residents expect. She is dealing with gaps in her memory and her feelings towards Rokan.
There is a stilness in the narative that is broken up by periods of action and a little romance. There were many twists and turns and suprising revelations.
I'm looking forward to steeping back into Leah's narrative world in the companion novel to the Mistwood world Nightspell.


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Orchid said...

I'll definitely have to look into reading Mistwood now (your review has convinced me I need to). Maybe my library will have a copy of it.

Thanks for the great review.