Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 DAY'S Day 10: Stuff Your Stocking With DC Comics New 52



If you follow me on Twitter you know I'm a huge comic book fan. A few months ago DC comics revamped their line under the NEW 52 banner. They started with a clean slate (mostly) and restarted their entire line at issue one. There was grumbling! I wasn't excited with the change, but in the last four months I've been genuinely surprised and entertained by the new direction. One reason DC gave for the new numbering was for new readers to have the opportunity to "jump in". So I thought  I'd make a list of the top 10 comics that new readers would enjoy. If your interested in picking up any of these books look HERE for a comic book shop near you.


With Action Comics new readers get a chance to meet a slightly different Man of Steel. Set 5 years before the events playing out in Superman #1, we get to see a different side of Clark. He is a little edgier, a lot less forgiving of criminals and then there is the whole jeans and boots wardrobe :) Grant Morrison and Rags Morales are an amazing team and this book if full of action. This book is perfect for teens and Adults.


With Animal Man we get an existing DC with a rich heritage, packaged into a new reader friendly horror and suspense tale. Buddy Baker has spent many years dabbling in and out of the Superhero lifestyle. His powers enable him to connect with and emulate the abilities of animals. Lately however he has been focused on being a husband and father. When he intervenes in what looks like a simple hostage situation , he taps into an energy that will transform his life and the lives of his family. Perfect book for fans of horror and suspense. Lemire and Forman have created an amazing book!

Aquaman was always one of my favorite Superfriends. Now Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis have elevated him to the top tier of Superheroes! Amazing art and story and a strong female lead in the character of Mera as well. Everything I love about comic books in one glorious package.


A controversial reboot, returning Barbara Gordon to the role of Batgirl. Previously the character of Barbara Gordon was confined to a wheelchair and working as the information specialist Oracle. The best thing about this book is, well the book itself. Any female centered book is a step in the right direction. This book is enjoyable and perfect for teen boys and girls.


Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are creating classics monthly with this title! Everything Batman fans love and crave more of. Very new reader friendly, fans of the Batman movies will really enjoy these stories.


 Yes the movie had some issues , but with the amazing Green Lantern animated series premiering in 2012 there are going to be a lot of new Green Lantern fans. Helmed by the great duo Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke, the G L franchise will definitely be on the rise.


No sparkly vampires here! This is Vampire horror at it's best, complemented with a tragic love story . Vampires Andrew and Mary have lived and loved together. Now Mary is on a quest to release vampires from skulking in the shadows. Instead she is organizing a coup, one against the superpowers of the DC Universe! Andrew vows to stop her and a trail of bodies human and vampire begins to pile up. Vampire fans will love this book! Not for the squeamish !


A wonderful blend of Superhero action and scientific exploration, with the occasional Alien visitation! I also like the diversity in this title. Dc really has made an effort at diversity with this title. A great read


I wouldn't be steering you wrong if I just told you to buy every comic book Scott Snyder writes :) This is another book horror and suspense fans will enjoy.


Fans of Mythology will really enjoy this book. A great exploration of myth and magic with a strong female lead. Azzarello & Chiang are creating monthly magic with this book

I hope I peaked your interest enough to place some of these great books in your stockings this year :)

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