Friday, December 30, 2011

Book Analysis: What Your "TEAM" Choices May Say About You


Personal Growth has been at the forefront of my life for the past two years. Part of personal growth  is looking at the habits and routines we carry with us in our daily lives. How much of who we are is truly "us"? Many of our choices come from both Nature and Nurture. Pretty deep stuff :)

What applies in life can also apply to our reading choices. I first became aware of the concept of "Teams" when I entered the blogging world. It all started with The Hunger Games:

Can you guess what Team I'm on :) I learned a  lot about myself with the Hunger Games:

1) I make my Team choices quite early and rarely change my mind.

2) I become quite annoyed with the other guy and want him to go away!

3) The wait until the final decision consumes me.

But why Peeta? Peeta has a lot of the qualities I prefer in my own partners. There is a solid stillness to him. He is masculine but not overly aggressive. He is willing to take risks for those he loves ,and willing to speak his feelings.

Though I respected Gale, and all he did for Katniss there was always something a little off with him in my eyes. There is an anger there, barely concealed. He also displays a viciousness and hunger for revenge that is able to overshadow his feelings for Katniss. It was a nail biter to the end but I was pleased with the ending!

Now I'm caught up in the world of Clockwork Angel and the second book Clockwork Prince:

Ah Jem! I picked him immediately, and it's breaking my heart! See there is also Will. Oh, how I want to hate Will! To make matters worse these two very different men are equally devoted to each other and Tessa!
I don't dislike Will too much, he is just an example of what I don't immediately find attractive in men:

1) He is loud and cocky.

2) He sometimes  lashes out at the people he really cares for.

3) He has a demanding personality.

Oh but that Cassandra Clare! As we learn more about Will, he is starting to grow on me and I hate it! My heart has chosen and it's Jem. His calm exotic nature. The tug my heart feels at his illness. The obvious love he feels for Will and his desire not to hurt him. This is going to be another nail biter! I know Cassandra will make her choice and I will accept it but for now there is the sweet torture of waiting!

How about you guys, do you choose your Teams instantly? What qualities do you see in your fictional men that relate to your real world romances? I'd love to know. Now I'm off to read more about my precious Jem ;)

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Orchid said...

302 books, wow that is incredible. I thought I did really well this year, but you totally beat me in books read.