Tuesday, December 27, 2011


When I was 10, I was playing at a friends house. Let's call her Sally :) Sally was on the fringe of our social group. Many called her "weird". I however enjoyed her company. She liked to play with other toys besides Barbies ,and she liked the same cartoons as I did.
One day while playing in her room the following discussion happened:
Sally: Kai, have you ever kissed a girl?
Me:  My Mom.
Sally: (laughs) Any other girl?
Sally: Have you ever wanted to?
I got quiet after she said  this, and felt really strange. After a few awkward moments I stood up and said I had to go. I never played with Sally again. I never returned her calls or told anyone what happened until this post.
I also started to go along with everyone else and started thinking she was weird.
I wish I would have had a book like Sparks growing up. I wish I could have read this wonderful fictional account of a young girl finding out about her self with the help of some unique cohorts.
In Sparks we meet Debbie Woodland who has had a secret crush on her best friend Lisa for years. The two have until recently, been inseparable. Now however Lisa's going out with a boy named Norman. Debbie is convinced Norman is all wrong for Lisa . She also is afraid that Lisa won't figure it out until it's two late. She also has no idea how to tell Lisa how she feels.
Fate intervenes however in the form of a note passed to Debbie during detention. She discovers The Church of Blue through two fellow students Emma and Tim. and thus a spiritual quest to rescue Lisa  begins!
I really loved this book! It's full of realistic teens, laughter and a bit of heartache that is a prerequisite for wisdom.
Adams has a great feel for the way teens think, talk and feel. We all know these types of kids,  we probably were them to some extent. What I love most about this book is the exploration of  sexuality. There isn't any overt preaching or homophobia, just a realistic exploration of one girls feelings.
I've never known the confusion or intense feelings Debbie goes through but I know people who have. I've been thinking about my friend Sally since I finished this book. I hope she found the support I couldn't provide, the answers to her feelings and questions. I wish this book to find a wide audience and hope that all the other "Debbie's " in the world find the same peace as the character in this book.
A great read!

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