Sunday, January 8, 2012

Game of Thrones Read-a-Long update 1


Here we are ! My first update for Baffled Books Game of Thrones readalong. What stood out the most to me during this first part of the book was how much HBO stayed true to the events of the book in season one.

I've really enjoyed this book so far. Martin has a wonderful narrative style and I loved the switches of narrative from character to character. My favorite so far has been Lord Snow :) I've also enjoyed Arya and Sensa. They are such different girls, they really reminded me of the relationship my sister and I growing up . Of course I was the fierce, mouthy tomboy Arya .

Catelyn also has been quite a revelation to me in the books so far. She is a woman of many emotions. I despised her for her treatment of Jon, but found her fierce devotion to protecting Bran and her family commendable.

So looking forward to the next part of the book :)



Lisa (Adventures of 2.0) said...

I've ended up hating Catelyn in the book where I quite admired her in the show! I'm so impressed with how the show handled the material but I'm loving how the book is giving a much more in depth exploration of the characters and the backgrounds.

Thanks for reading along and posting! I hope you enjoy the next section as much as you enjoyed the first.

Mia said...

I only have 100 pages left and I'm surprised at how much I am loving GoT. Even after the show sucked me in I didn't think I would enjoy the book. I almost never like epic fantasy. I usually find that the characters leave more then a little to be desired, especially the female characters, but Martin's characterization is actually his strong point. I still can't decide who to root for. There is someone amazing on every side.

Kris (Words That Fly) said...

I understand what you mean about Catelyn. The show can only show so much but in the book, the author was free to add and explore so many layers of their character we can't help but hate some of what we see. I really, really love how he handles these characters though. They're brilliant. The book is brilliant.

Jenn said...

When Catelyn told off Jon before he left, I was so angry at her but now I'm beginning to soften towards her. Slightly.

She is the character that I am looking forward to the most.


That scene broke my heart! I understand her pain but its so obviius how much Jon loves his siblings! So not fair!