Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Game of Thrones Readalong Update 3


I'm a little behind on my reading but I'm thoroughly enjoying this book! For this third part I've been thinking a lot about Shakespeare. More to the point Shakespeare's tragedies. As Eddard continues to gather all the pieces to a deadly puzzle, the reader can start to feel a sense of doom surrounding the Stark family. The omen of the Stag piercing the Direwolf echoed  through my mind as the Starks faced ordeal after ordeal.

I also found myself feeling equally frustrated and angry at King Robert. The waste he has allowed to grow in his kingdom, his repeated abuse of his body, and his fickle moods test  Eddard's loyalties, and highlighted the awful situation Eddard has lead his family into.

Yet I also feel a little sad for Robert. He is a warrior, but with no battle to fight he easily slid into excess: drink, women, food. It is clear that all those years ago the wrong man took the throne. Then there are the Lannisters!! My hate for Jamie and Cersi is equal to my love for Tyrion.

Tyrion's trials at the Eyrie were the highlight of this section. The description of the Eyrie and the madness of Lysa Arryn were wonderfully illustrated by Martin.
I will be catching up this week as we head onward the end, it's gone so fast! I'm looking forward to everyone else's  thoughts .


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