Monday, January 16, 2012

Review: Princeless issue 3


In the past two issues of this series we have watched Princess Adrienne progress on her Hero's journey. She has made a decision ( To free herself and other's from enforced tower occupation ), found her weapon ( A well placed sword under her bed) , and recruited her first ally ( Her dragon guardian). Now after escaping capture in her own kingdom, Adrienne realises her next priority must be proper attire.
After dropping into a local blacksmith shop Adrienne meets Bedelia Smith. Bedelia pretends to be an assistant to her father the blacksmith, but she actually has been doing all the work. When she discovers Adrienne is a girl she lets he get a glimpse at her secret armor project: the Women Warriors line.
Over the years I've gotten used to the skimpy outfits of female heroes. Some I've tolerated but some portrayals of females have made me stop reading the books entirely. I've come to expect these portrayals of females as "status quo" in the comic world.
It was wonderful to see Jeremy address female attire in the story. As Bedelia proudly shows off her line Adrienne isn't really inspired by them. From the chain mail bikini , to the short skirted "Diana", Adrienne begins questioning her on the merits of the outfits.
Summing up her opinions with the fantastic line" Why should a woman's armor have to show cleavage or stomach?" Adrienne inspires Bedelia to think outside the norm and create warriors armor for her.
This was another great issue. Though not overly preachy I enjoyed Jeremy taking time to ask some serious questions about how women are portrayed in the comic world. I also enjoyed the reveal of Adrienne's new outfit. Artists Goodwin and Dwonch continue to illustrate the book beautifully.
Really looking forward to the next issue, now fully prepared I'm hoping she now can start her quest to rescue her sisters.


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