Sunday, February 26, 2012

REVIEW: Alien Tango by Gini Koch


So I have to admit to a crush. Gini Koch is one of the sweetest, funniest, energetic authors I've ever met. We became twitter buddies and she has been very supportive of my review of Touched by an Alien and all my other bookish tweets :) Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Gini at San Diego Comic Con, and getting my copy of Alien Tango signed!

For those not in the know here are 3 reasons why you should be reading the Alien Series:

1) Katherine "Kitty" Katt: I adore Kitty! Not only is she cute, but she handles stressful situations with an unnatural calmness and intuitive take charge attitude. A rampaging beast outside a court house? Only Kitty is able to analyze the threat with minimum freakout and take the creature down.

In Alien Tango,  Kitty is now a member of the Centaurian Division an organization partnered with the aliens of Alpha Centauri. She is also flying planes (and thankfully landing them),  and in charge of her own division! It's such a joy to read a character like Kitty. She is strong without losing her vulnerability and is heavy on the snark but still has a big heart.

2) Martini? Yes Please!! : Jeff Martini. Empath extrordinare, sexy as hell and madly in love with Kitty. Martini and Kitty are a perfect foil for each other. Martini falls in love with her instantly, for Kitty it's a bit more progressive though she cant deny how sexy he is. Martini's biggest struggle in "Tango"  is dealing with the the double edged sword having Kitty in his life has become. On the one hand he is proud of her intellect and skills that the Centaurians desperatly need but he also wants to keep safe.The independence he loves about her often stresses him out ! Their relationship begins to show what roadblocks they will have to surpass in order to stay together.There is also the small matter of his family never being able to approve his marriage plans with Kitty, and his strange mood swings.

3) A whole lotta loving : So along with interstellar intrigue, lighting fast dialogue and adventure, there are also some really sexy parts in these books ;) Not only are all the Alpha Centaurion's drop dead gorgeous, they are enamored with earth women. Add Jeff's telepathic powers and Kitty has found an excellent partner and we readers get treated to some of the sexiest love scenes on the planet. Im talking blushworthy, page turning hotness!


There is a lot of progression in this book in terms of character growth and action. I especially enjoyed Kitty's meeting with Martini's family, she shows why she is the best partner for Martini and she won't back down do to intergalactic pressure!
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