Tuesday, February 28, 2012

REVIEW: Fracture by Megan Miranda


The wonderful thing about Fracture is that it would have been an interesting read even without the supernatural elements. In fact it might be a mistake to even label this book as paranormal themed. Fracture is the story of Delaney Maxwell. On a routine outing with her best friend Decker the two take a shortcut across a frozen lake. Decker frustrated with Delaney's slowness has walked ahead of her. Trying to catch up Delaney moves faster, not fast enough however as the ice cracks and she falls under.

Delaney's next memory is laying in the hospital being discussed by a group of doctors. They think she is a lost cause but she surprises everyone by regaining consciousness. Now Delaney discovers she was dead for 11 minutes. It's an event that has shaken the foundations of her life. Her best friend Decker is wracked with guilt, the doctors cannot explain how Delaney has any memory at all based on the fractures in her skull, and there is a strange new awareness Delaney has suddenly become attuned with.

She can sense death.Whenever someone near her is close to death she feels an itching deepin her skull and spasams in her hands. Delaney doesn't know how to deal with this or with the sense of feeling like a ghost in her former life. Her relationship with Decker has shifted as they both begin to have  stronger feelings then friendship for each other.Then Delaney meets Troy, a young man who understands her like no other and has a darkness he is anxious for Delaney to understand and embrace.

I really enjoyed this debut! Megan has a great feel for young adult characters. Everything in her characters voices and interactions is genuine. She also accurately portrays the emotions a survivor of a traumatic accident would feel and express.

There are times when Delaney's personality is a little chilling. She trustingly attaches herself to Troy due to their similar conditions. Decker was a wonderful foil for Delaney. There are many emotional moments as these two navigate the landscape of friendship to something more.

A subtle , powerful read with some twists and turns I didn't see coming. Delaney isn't perfect but she is genuine and the reader really gets caught up in her story.


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