Friday, February 17, 2012

Review: Paul Is Undead by Alan Goldsher

Zombie Beatles? Yes! Or at least that's what I thought initially. This is a faux biography in which the author is part of the story. I was intrigued at the beginning of this book, as Alan relates his inspiration for the book : the night Mark Chapman tried to decapitate John Lennon.

Alan decides the time is right to do an in-depth book on the men behind the phenomenal legend.

What follows is a straight forward recounting of the life and careers of the Beatles with an interesting take on the zombie condition.

I was intrigued by the different types of zombies in Goldsher's world, especially the telekinetic and psychic powers of the Liverpool Zombies, and their ability to remove and reattach limbs.

Other than those elements and a few laugh out loud moments there wasn't much else that grabbed me. I enjoy the Beatles music but maybe a more die hard fan would enjoy this book more.

Some thrills and chills mostly from the extremely vicious John Lennon, but overall the book moved a bit slowly for me. Very well researched and cleverly written, but I struggled with the pace of the book and the ending.

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Kate@Midnight Book Girl said...

This is lingering on my TBR pile, but thankfully it's keeping as well as a zombie. I bought it when Borders was going out of business, and I'll get to it eventually despite the fact that it's a slow read. I love the Beatles! Thanks for the review because now my expectations are set a little more realistically. :)