Thursday, February 16, 2012

Review: Star Wars Red Harvest by Joe Schreiber

I was a huge fan of Joe's Death Troopers so I was excited to read this prequel. Set during the Old Republic, a time when the Sith were at their peak, Red Harvest reveals the origins of the virus that causes the dead to rise. All this is due to the machinations of a power hungry Darth. Scarbrous

Darth Scabrous,a prominent member of the Sith academy is on a quest for an ultimate power. Scabrous even uses his fellow Sith as test subjects in his experiments. He faces repeated failures due to the lack of one ingredient : a black orchid.

When some smuggler scum find the Orchid in the hands of an agriculture center run by the Jedi, Scabrous now has his formula with tragic results. Now the Sith temple is under siege from it's own members.

I really enjoyed this book, It has all the elements of an enjoyable horror tale with lightsabers! Lots of lightsabers!

It took a while for the story to get rolling but there are  some great battle  scenes, and zombie action.

Seeing a different side of the Jedi was also a great component of this book.

Hestizo Trace is a force sensitive that works for the Jedi Agricultural Corps.It is Hestizo's orchid that starts the horrible chain of events.

Another solid entry in one of my favorite zombie mash ups.

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