Wednesday, February 1, 2012

REVIEW : Whisper by Alyson Noel


     A new Riley Bloom book is always a joy to behold! Alyson has created a series that has become like home to me. After the events in Dreamland Riley is looking for a little redemption. Her muted glow is a source of concern and her wish to turn 13 seems further and further away.
One bright spot in her life or afterlife, is the chance to Soul Catch a very difficult spirit, a Roman gladiator named Theocoles. More importantly Riley gets a chance to complete this job alone. This suits her just fine since she is experiencing a myriad of difficult feelings towards her Guide Bodhi.
Riley storms into the coliseum full of confidence and drive to succeed , but the souls in the Coliseum are so deeply locked into their memories they fail to even acknowledge her presence. Riley quickly becomes frustrated and then despondent until she meets the spirit  Messalina.
Messalina is everything Riley aspires to be: beautiful, graceful and more importantly grownup! Messalina has an attachment to Theocoles as well and offers to help Riley.
Messalina's help however is not what it seems. She weaves an illusion around Riley that fulfills all her deeply held dreams and distracts her from her mission. Now Riley has a grown- up look, gorgeous clothes and a very handsome admirer.
Yet there is a small voice in the back of her mind, a Whisper . One that holds the key to her freedom and the freedom of all those around her.
I usually find myself teary eyed at the end of Riley's adventures and this one is no different. Riley's journey's often reflect a lot of the challenges we all face in life. Riley's strength to persevere is one of her greatest strengths. Riley fights, she blunders , she falls and yet she always gets back up and though her lessons are hard won she grows and thrives.
This series is an utter joy and can be read by all ages. I'm so looking forward to seeing what Riley gets up to next!



Jill The OWL said...

I've been following Riley's story as well. Interested in where it's leading. I wasn't over excited about the book before this one, so I'm hoping I like this one better.

Anonymous said...

I love Riley Bloom series and i can't wait anymore to read this book. Is this the last book on the series?