Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Time: It Can Change Everything



Happy Sunday everyone! Yesterday I went and saw Star Wars Episode 1. I have been a Star Wars fan for half my life. I can still remember the first time I saw Star Wars. It was at my local neighborhood theater. I was sitting sandwiched between my two best friends, our grubby little hands dipping into popcorn dripping with butter while we balanced  laps full of candy. In those final moments , when Luke Skywalker made that one and a million shot, my life changed forever. I became a FAN for the first time. I had every book, toy , bed sheet and boys underwear and PJ sets! My mom was horrified but supportive :)

To say I adored Empire and Return of The Jedi is an understatement. As the years passed and details began to be released about the Star Wars prequels  my excitement increased. I rushed to the theater opening day, I couldn't wait for my boyfriend to get off of work! Besides I had tickets for both of us the following Saturday night. I sat front and center, popcorn and candy at the ready. I smiled seeing fellow Star Wars fans surrounding me in the audience, yes we were older, but our passion hadn't dimmed.

The lights dimmed that famous scrawl began... and I hated it. Yes there were some great characters like Darth Maul and Ben Kenobi but overall the entire film let me down.  Episodes 2 and 3 were much better but I never could get over Episode 1. I own every Star Wars DVD except for Phantom Menace. So here we are in 2012 and I made the decision to give the 3D version of Episode 1 a try.

Maybe it was the company of fellow Star Wars fans, maybe it was the influence of the little costumed Sith and Jedi running   Mostly though I believe it was TIME.

The 3-D effects in Phantom Menace were nice but at it's heart it was the same movie I saw years ago. This time however I didn't have any overwhelming expectations , so I just let go and watched. Yes there  were still cringe worthy moments but I cringed a lot less. It was the children that held my attention. Watching them laugh at Jar Jar's antics, cheering  and wave their lightsabers during the climatic battles I realise George had an insight we older fans missed: the next generation. These younglings :) are going to be the torch that carries Star Wars fandom into its next generation.

So get thee hence to a theater! Episode I is a joy !



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