Wednesday, March 14, 2012


This Friday I leave for WONDERCON ! Wondercon is similar to San Diego Comic-Con but with a lot fewer attendees. Though I planned for the event , an unexpected lull in work in January and February has left me with a little less income them previously expected. This week however I've been thinking about my past Conventions and the lessons I've learned from them. So here are some tips for attending a Convention on a budget.


The exhibit floor of a big pop culture convention is full of shiny pretty things you just HAVE to possess! In the past few years at SDCC I've gotten cool action figures, t-shirts, tote bags, Variant comics, DVDs etc. Many of them however are stuffed in my closet. Every once and awhile I pull them out, mostly to dust :)

This year however my budget is forcing me to ignore those shiny pretty things and focus on personal connections. I will be spending the majority of my time getting books signed, maybe scoring a few complimentary sketches and meeting with some of my twitter and real world friends. I also want to focus on taking some pictures of my favorite artists and writers .

RAID Your Long Boxes!:

Very few booths at conventions require you purchase something for an autograph. DC comics and Marvel often provide free copies of comics that you can get defaced by your favorite creator. So today and tomorrow I'm taking the Wondercon guest list and pulling my books to take to the various signings.


One of the best things about conventions are the variety of panels and multimedia events available. Less time on the exhibit hall floor means more time to take in various panels and exclusive premiers. I plan on spending at least a few hours every day taking in the various panels and catching up on the latest Anime.


Con food is expensive! I always make a Trader Joes run before hitting the road. So much cheaper to buy water, chips, energy bars and other munchies to keep your energy up for those long Con days. Also pick up some Vitamin C to avoid con crud :)

I love conventions and will always make time in my schedule to attend them. These tips make my Con experience easier. Hope they help


Sandy said...

Thanks for the tips. I will be heading to my first anime con next month (Khaotic kon) and I of course have to fly there because of where I live so finding ways to save but still enjoy a con is most helpful.

Tony Puryear said...

Your tips are right on the "money". Con-going is expensive! The whole set-up is like a giant version of the candy at the cash register - impulse-purchase city. I too have dusty Con-bought tchotchkes I never looked at again. I will be at WonderCon with my wife (the ultimate saving machine) and she is very, very tight with a dollar, so I should do alright this time out. Good luck, and hope to see you at the con!