Sunday, March 4, 2012

My March Events: Bleak House, Bloggiesta,Forever Amber

                               So many great events this Month! Here are some I will be joining :
UNPUTDOWNABLES is hosting a read-a-long of Bleak House. I've never read it before. I'm looking
forward to hearing everyone's opinions.

E-BOOK Week  I just found out about this event today, I'm looking forward to reading some books and contributing to the site.

Bloggiesta Is a wonderful events for Bloggers. From March 30th thru April 1st  Bloggers focus on improving their blog by sharing tips and tricks to make their blog more attractive, and professional.

One of my favorite things about Blogging is of course learning about new books! One of my favorite blogging buddies TRUE BOOK ADDICT is doing a read along of Forever Amber. This is a 900 page giant! I'm looking forward  to reading this with a group :)

So what are you guys doing this month?


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I'm reading Bleak House too. Of course, I'm already behind with the first post, but I will be finishing that today. *Sets chin determinedly*

I am so glad that you're doing the Forever Amber read-a-long with us! I have been wanting to read it since my mom told me it was good years ago. Exciting!

Vasilly said...

The events you're participating in this month sound pretty good! I'm also participating in Bloggiesta too. Good luck with everything.

Suey said...

Glad you can join us for Bloggiesta! Yay! And Bleak House is going to be so fun too. (I did a read along of that last year. Fun!)