Friday, April 6, 2012






Wow! There is so much going on in the last part of this Novel! After being separated from Bruce once again, Amber turns her  attention to her one final aspiration: To be the King’s Courtesan. Watching Amber move through the dangerous and glittering world of Charles’s court was fascinating. She actually shows some sign of maturity,  The narrative also jumped around and encompassed the state of England’s government and even the inner working of King Charles’s heart.


Amber is a woman of obsessions however. If she achieves one goal her mind flits to another , and to the one thing she can never have: Lord Carlton’s heart. I was so furious with Bruce in this part of the book! He willing throws away  the gentle feelings he feels for his wife and immediately falls back into a private affair with Amber! I understood Amber’s obsession, it’s the imbalanced, demanding action of a child . But Bruce’s actions just continued to amaze me.At one point he even sleeps with Amber’s biggest rival Barbara Palmer! There is a  scene with Bruce and  his wife Corinna ,where he explains how just being in England stirs up old patterns of behavior but I still hated his actions.


Poor Amber finds her footing in the court crumbling. When a group of people only live for the newest perversion and a fresh face to gossip upon, Amber is horrified to find Lady Carlton being admired by the court. When the truth of the affair becomes known to Corinna her heartbreak causes Bruce to consider her feelings and he continues his affair with Amber in private.  This frustrates Amber into a vicious attack on Corinna  that leaves her reputation and her influence on Bruce completely destroyed.


I devoured the last few hundred pages of this book, I honestly didn't want it to end! I’m still reeling from the books climax and look forward to seeing what you all think. A wonderful read, I’m inspired to read more books by Kathleen Winsor.


Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

I just skimmed your post because I'm dreadfully behind (vacation last week) and I want to leave a bit of the element of surprise, if you know what I mean. I will be adding my comments this week and my final thoughts on the post next Saturday. I will agree with you that it is a wonderful book and I'm really enjoying it. I find Winsor's descriptions of the settings very vivid.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed the book, Kai! I'm thrilled that I was able to introduce you to it. =O)

Allison Macias said...

I enjoyed the book, but it didn't sing to me as it did you. I strongly dislike Bruce, and am supremely glad I'm not married to him. I couldn't believe Amber's final act towards Corinna.
But all in all, I enjoyed it!