Monday, April 9, 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2 Watch and Read-a-long


How can we possibly be at episode 2?? I feel like this season is going to pass way too quickly. This was a mixed bag for me episode wise. Daenerys struggling through the desert is a little like The Walking Dead crew’s search for Sophia : going on a little to long. I get it. She’s in the desert starving and hopeless, let’s move on!

I’m also getting a little bored with the “let’s add sex while we talk about the plot” techniques. I’m no prude but their was about 5 episodes worth of content in that one hour.


Tyrion. So many emotional highs and lows for him this episode ! I love his ability to root out deception and the secrets of the court. His vulnerability is equally powerful.

House Greyjoy. Omg! This family! Theon’s father is so creepy! I loved seeing how Asha has earned the rank of Captain despite being a woman, but the whole letting her brother feel her up thing was just, ug! Families like this are what makes the world of Game of Thrones so wonderful. There still is a lot of set up and introduction of new characters and I’m a little concerned by this. This season definitely builds upon season one but a show cant sustain itself just on fans of the book alone.


The show jumps around a lot more than the book. Though we've met Theon’s family on the show I’m still chapters away from that novel wise.I’m really enjoying Ayra’s chapters and Catelyn is a subtle revelation in the book . It’s interesting how my feelings for her have changed since book one. Her actions towards Jamie Lannister were the catalyst for many of the events that lead to war, but yet my compassion for her has grown. I love seeing Robb through her eyes. His actions and bravery recognized and contemplated upon by his mother really tug at my heartstrings :)

So how about you guys are you loving the show? In the midst of reading the books?

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