Monday, April 16, 2012

Game of Thrones Season 2 Watch/Read-a-long 3







AHH! Last night’s episode was the best of the second season! The show seems to be moving along and the plot threads seem to be tightening up!


Here are my favorite bits from last nights episode:


Tyrion: I'm loving how he is shaking up things with the council, and rooting out those that might cause him harm. His relationship with Shae is also interesting. I fear that it can only end badly for these two :( It is both sweet and heartbreaking to watch his sympathy for prostitutes. It brings to the forefront the viciousness of his father and his lost first love.


Nightswatch: Ok you know I’m in love with Lord snow right? So any episode with Kit is a good episode :) However what really stood out to me this episode was how different life is behind the wall, the necessity to let horrible things occur in order to keep balance. I loved seeing Sam have a sweet moment with one of the young “wives” as well.

Arya: The most amazing action scene of the night! So sad to see Arya’s group torn apart, so worried for her!


Theon: Seeing this different side of Theon was disturbing. I felt a little compassion for him but mostly sick at the betrayal he is committing to.



I continue to notice a lot of narrative differences between the show and the book. I’m about 70 pages behind ( my goal is 100 pages a week for Clash of Kings) but the book is still building up to things I’ve already seen. Might have to up my reading.


So how about you guys? Are you reading the books? watching the show?

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TrueOrFalse said...

I've been watching the show and I love it! I'm going to read the book at the end of this season :)