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I haven't reviewed a lot of movies on my site but when the opportunity to see Fightville came my way I had to take it! Fightville is an enjoyable and informative passport to the world of Mixed Martial Arts fighting, (MMA).

I’ll confess I knew absolutely NOTHING about the MMA world, until a few months ago a read an amazing comic book series Heart by Blair Butler:


Published by IMAGE this book introduced me to the heart and soul of the MMA world. Because of it I was intrigued to see a documentary like Fightville.

There are many layers to this film! What I would stress most to potential viewers is that this film is more than you think. For MMA fans, yes you will see some amazing sparing, admirable martial arts skill but also an insight into the process of turning a dream into reality.

For those who aren't familiar with the MMA world you will spend 85 minutes with a group of men that will inspire you:

Gil Guillory : A passionate promoter of the USA-MMA organization, headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana. Gil’s passion for MMA requires him to wear many hats. Like a master showman he hits the streets town to town passing out flyers, (often with his gorgeous daughters in tow) and creating an opportunity to showcase promising fighters.

Crazy” Tim Credeur: Tim is the trainer at Gladiators gym. Gladiators is the road to Guillory’s events. Tim is a remarkable human and trainer. I had such a new insight into the world of fighting after listening to his philosophies and advice. Their is a genuine respect amongst the MMA fighters. They each are striving for the same goal , knowing that only the one that desires it most will win.

Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier & Albert Stainback

These two fighters are the main focus of the movie. Two very diverse men, equally talented yet destined to follow different paths.

It’s with these men we see the fruits of Gil and Tim’s efforts. We also see how the mental state of each man is the key to their success and failure.

I really enjoyed this film. There is a subtle shift when the viewer finds themselves emotionally vested in the out come of the fighters journey. I really enjoyed watching Dustin’s growth as a fighter. Every fiber of his being was focused on his goals. With Albert I felt extremely sympathetic for him, though it was obvious the results he was receiving were a direct result of the effort he exerted. A very inspiring movie and a glimpse into a sport I’m very interested in watching in the future.

Fightville Releases TODAY APRIL 20th in select theaters and Video on Demand. Also check ITunes:)

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