Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Salon: Thoughts On Living : Between Gears

This week I read a book that really encapsulated where I feel I am in life right now :
This is a wonderful Graphic Novel documenting a young girls senior year in college. What I  related to was the unknowing aspect of life. We work really hard towards a goal but once that's complete what then?

I've really been living in that in between place. I seem to have a lot of missed connections lately as well. My clients have been popping in and out of their usual spaces, I've felt in a bit of a blogging and reading slump, and social connections have been failing to materialise. It's so interesting trying to make friendships as an adult. It seems so easy when your a kid. :) It's almost like dating: should I say hello? I emailed once , should I again?  Once more I'm in that void before creation, between gears. I'm appreciating this lull, something I never would have before, and am looking forward to all the good that is coming my way.


Oh Goodreads! Seeing that update bar saying I'm 8 books behind, really bummed me! I've read 63 books graphic novels/ manga so far this year! Well my goal is really high for the year: 250 books. Though I've felt in a slump I finished Between Gears and these books:

This is an amazing graphic novel that you can get on NETGALLEY

I finished this book two weeks early, don't tell!
I also was inspired by Masquerade to get a treat I haven't had in a long time, Boba!


I got this graphic as a part of an e-mail from Sourcebooks I LOVE IT! So true!!


Amy said...

aw, I know what you mean about making friends as an adult and also feeling in an inbetween place, sigh.

Vasilly said...

Making friends as an adult is so hard! Why is that?! I'm going to see if I can find a copy of Between Gears. I hope you have a great week.