Thursday, May 3, 2012

Free Comic Book Day! A Free Way to Expand Your Reading Genres

May 5th is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY It’s a little like ALA or BEA for comic book fans :) It’s a chance to connect with fellow fans, meet some of our favorite creators and get FREE comic books! What I love most about the event is that it is family friendly, and a great way to introduce people to the world of comics. I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers branching out into the world of Graphic Novel reading so I would highly suggest this event.

Here are some tips to make your FCBD enjoyable:

1)Visit this site HERE this is the official Free Comic Book Day site. By entering your zip code you will find the closest shop to you. I’d suggest checking the stores website or calling to confirm the store hours. The majority of stores participate all day, from 11 am to 7 pm.

2) Don’t be Shy! Ok I’m going to admit there will be a lot of costumes and fans. Comic fans are a great group of people . Say hello! If you like someone's costume ask them for a picture, they will be happy to oblige.

3) Bring the whole Family! FCBD is a very family friendly event. Stores really go all out to have kid friendly activities: face painting, free toys, character sketches and sometimes food and snacks. If you have any questions ask a staff member. The stores usually have extra staff to help out.

4) YES! THE BOOKS ARE FREE! There are no strings attached , really. When you enter the store you will be guided to the free comics. Some stores do limit the amount of books per person, this is so they have enough stock to last through out the day. Some stores will let you take more books for a nominal fee. My store: Earth 2 Comics will let you get more than 5 books if you make a donation to a charity they support.

5) Stay Awhile: While purchases aren’t required take a look at the rest of the store. FCBD is usually a great shopping day as well. Graphic Novels, Manga, T-Shirts and toys will be discounted. I also suggest you look at the individual issues as well. Tell the sales clerks your favorite reading genres and ask for suggestions. I really suggest companies like IDW, and IMAGE for new comic readers. They have a large variety of reader friendly books with paranormal, horror, fantasy and Superhero Genre’s.


Here is a sampling of some of the great books being given away for free! Not every store will have them all but they should have most of them:



STK460686_TN STK460615_TN

STK460618_TN STK460558_TN

So get out there! expand your genres! I’m visiting about 3 stores on Saturday. I’ll be tweeting about my adventures, and my comic booty on TWITTER. Happy Reading!

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