Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Graphic Novel Spotlight Day 3: MANGA MAN by Lyga & Doran





Houghton Mifflin


When I first discovered the Manga world I was enraptured by the art! Who were these people with their saucer eyes? flowing locks? and emotive expressions that filled the panels? In Manga Man a rift in space brings Ryoko Kiyama to Earth and  promptly malfunctions. Stranded in our world ,the government keeps Ryoko under strict control except for allowing him to explore the world thru High School classes . Ryoko however sticks out like a sore thumb. All Ryoko’s emotive abilities turn into real constructs on Earth. Taking off for a run? Speed lines litter the floor. Feeling a bit embarrassed ? Your shameful “glow” fills the room.  Falling in love? Starry eyes and floating ensues!

To make matters worse his crush Marissa seems immune to his advances. Somehow however these two different people connect. As Marissa begins to see the world through Mangaman’s eyes she doesn't know how she can ever live without him. The strange rift however is becoming more and more dangerous, and Ryoko will have to choose which world he wants to live in permanently.


I really loved this book! Gorgeously illustrated by one of my favorite artists : Colleen Doran, with a great script by Barry Lyga, this book is a must for manga fans as well as fans of romance and a little bit of comedy.

A wonderful read with stunning Black & White art.

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