Thursday, May 17, 2012

Graphic Novel Spotlight Day 4 : TUMOR by Fialkov &Tuazon





So you know how I’m always trying to get you guys to try the Amazing world of Graphic Novels right? Tumor is one of those books that I just know will entertain and emotionally touch  readers . Fialkov and Tuazon have created a wonderful noir story set in Los Angeles California. The main character, Frank Armstrong is a detective that has just had a startling medical diagnosis. He has a tumor, one that will surely kill him.

As the tumor presses on his brain time becomes fluid, the past plays through his mind as vivid as the present. Add into the mix a Mob Boss who is demanding that Frank find his missing daughter. Now Frank is attempting to find the trail of  a girl that doesn't want to be found and secrets that may be better off left alone.


A wonderful of blend of noir, action and emotional redemption that will truly touch the reader. This gorgeous volume collects all  eight of the original comic book issues and a bonus prose story.


Awesome read!

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