Monday, May 28, 2012

My Yoga 5 Goal to Habit

Studies have proven that it takes about 90 days for an action to be a habit. Now 45 days into my yoga a day for a year plan I'm noticing how my mind immediately turns to scheduling my yoga the minute I wake up. I'll admit there are times I just want to skip it. I find myself often stressed for time or honestly just wanting to not go. These are blocks I've come upon before in all areas of my life.

What's wonderful is what you face and overcome in one are of your life reverberates into all areas of you life so as I meet my yoga goals I'm also working towards accomplishing other tasks consistently as well. I know under stand what my teacher's mean when they say 90 % of your yoga is accomplished "off the mat

7 Days of Yoga . Days Practiced: 7 Goal Attained

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