Sunday, May 20, 2012

REVIEW: The Book Lover by MaryAnn McFadden








This contemporary novel is the story of Lucinda and Ruth. Lucy is a writer and Ruth is a retailer. Each woman has a love affair with books though they see the publishing world through different filters. For Ruth it’s the struggle to keep her store afloat so she can do what she loves best: putting books into readers hands.


Aspiring writer Lucy has decided to stop letting the publishing houses dictate her books future and she has decided to self-publish her novel. Lucy is rocked emotionally when she discovers her husband’s betrayal, and on a whim she packs up and hits the road for a book tour. When she reaches  Ruth’s hometown she begins to fall apart and Ruth is there to rescue her. In return for room and board at Ruth’s cabin, Lucy agrees to keep an eye on Ruth’s son Colin, a returning soldier.


Ruth is dealing with matters of heart herself. She finds herself drawn to a recently paroled inmate. She also has to find a way to save her struggling store. I enjoyed the friendship between these two women. Book lovers will relate to the women’s passions as well as Lucy’s drive to write. Some interesting plot twists and a very satisfying ending.

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