Thursday, May 3, 2012

Review: Chicks Dig Comics Edited by Thomas & Ellis



We’ve Come A Long Way Baby!  Twenty years ago I wouldn't have thought a book like this would be possible. Three years ago I discovered twitter and a wonderful group of geek girls. Today’s generation of  female fans are blogging , writing, creating and more importantly facilitating change in the comic book world. This volume of essays feature women from all areas of fandom: Writers, Artists, Bloggers as well as some wonderful interviews with Greg Rucka , Terry Moore and Amanda Conner.

This book succeeds on a variety of levels. The opening essay : Mary Batson and the Chimera Society by Gail Simone, is a very personal inspiring look at comics through a woman's eyes. I love Gail for her talent, humor, and also her ability to ask the difficult questions. Amazing start to the book!

Summers and Winters, Frost and Fire by Seanan McGuire

This was a really fun essay covering one of fandoms  intriguing fan battles : Who should Scott Summers end up with? Jean Grey or Emma Frost? Well Jean Grey of course! Except she’s dead, but in comics that’s easily remedied :) This was such a thoughtful, fun essay that explores the nature of these two powerful women and their effects on X-men Fans.

Tripping Through the Looking Glass, Stepping into Gotham City: Cosplay, Creation and Community by Erica McGillivray
Cosplay is the undiscovered country in my life as a fangirl. I’ve always been amazed at the passion and courage cosplayers have. Over the years I’ve added a little bit more geek accessories to my wardrobe: a geeky shirt here, a button there. This essay really touched me. The author is very honest about her previous thoughts about the cosplay community, so its fascinating to read her personal journey towards wearing her first outfit. You follow her from her first discovery of Alice from Detective Comics Batwoman run, to the creation of her costume. Very inspiring and a testament to the community among cosplayers.

The Green Lantern Mythos: A Metaphor For My (Comic Book) Life by Jill Pantozzi
Jill aka The Nerdy Bird was one of the first female comic fans I discovered on twitter. I immediately felt a kinship with her especially when I discovered she was a fellow Green Lantern fan. In this essay Jill parallels her life in the comic book book world with the emotional spectrum of the Green Lantern universe. A very personal and relatable look at the  phases comic fans go through.

This is just as small sampling of the great articles in this book. It would take a dozen posts to truly do it justice. A must read for comic chicks and a great primer for those interested in the world of comics. I would also call it required reading for the big two (Marvel and DC) and every comic publisher. Female fans are here! We always have been! This book is a testament to that and a celebration.

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