Saturday, May 26, 2012

REVIEW: Red Glove by Holly Black



Red Glove picks up where White Glove left off. This is important! :) Sometimes with series books you can read a bit out of order but with this series I really suggest reading them in order. Casssel’s life is getting a bit back into balance when he gets the call that one of his brothers is dead. After the last books revelations Cassel is a little torn on how he should feel.


Add to that the fact that the Feds are on Cassel’s tail trying to force him to turn on his family. Now the Con is on. The biggest con of Cassel’s life to date. His choices will have far reaching repercussions and possibly break the heart he works so hard to hide. Another solid read! I zipped through this one in a day! Cassel isn't a perfect guy but my heart went through so many emotions for him this book!  A variety of story threads come together for a stunning climax and an immediate craving for the final book in the series: Black Heart.

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