Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: Ten Tea Parties by Joseph Cummins





Quirk books consistently publishes some intriguing reads. Ten Tea Parties gives readers an inside look at the events leading up to the Boston Tea Party. I really enjoyed this journey into the past. It was also interesting how a lot of the economic and emotional conditions between the East India Company and the general public, irror those of today’s corporations.


After the Boston event we learn about similar events in New York, Philadelphia, Chestertown and more. The organization and passion of these protestors is fascinating reading.


Women weren't absent from these protests either. Managing to get the women involved in the protests, especially the models of womanly virtue in Edenton North Carolina, was a huge coup. Especially since the average female colonist craved luxuries from England.


I’m a tea lover, and I was really surprised at the large amounts of tea consumed in the colonies. Especially compared to today when coffee drinking seems to be the norm. Tea was an obsession, and the demand for it created a black market and even smuggling rings!


A wonderful snapshot of an important time in American History.

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