Saturday, May 12, 2012

REVIEW: What Dies in Summer by Tom Wright




W.W. Norton & Company


I wasn't familiar with this author, but the premise of the books sounded interesting. Young Jim has a touch of the “sight” a mild form of intuition or “knowing”  that hasn't really impacted his life too much . When his cousin Lee Ann moves in with him and his grandmother, Jim anticipates an interesting summer. What he doesn't expect is that his town will be visited by a brutal rape/murder, or that he will be sucked into the events.


After a few chapters I really found myself struggling with this book. The narrative of the characters was stilted and didn’t really engage me. Since I couldn't connect with the characters I lost interest in the plot. There were a few “grab your attention” moments, and I was intrigued by Lee Ann’s journey.


Some great moments but I wasn't a fan of the narrative voice.

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