Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: White Cat by Holly Black




I love that the YA genre is populated with a number of strong female characters. Yet I’m always excited to come across a book with a male lead. In white Cat Holly Black introduces us to the world of the Curse Workers, along with the mind and heart of Cassel Sharp. In Cassel’s world select humans have the ability to “work” or curse others.The curses range from emotional manipulation, memory erasing, physical curses and the super rare transformative curse.


Cassel has lived his life among workers. Though he has no curse himself he has grown up in a family of Grifters and powerful curse workers. After waking up one night on the roof of his dorm at the private school Wallingford, Cassel notices a White Cat watching him and begins to suspect someone is working him. The quest for answers will turn family to enemy and return a precious love thought lost forever.

I fell in love with this book!. I quickly devoured it! Holly is a master world builder. She easies the reader into Cassel’s world through his snarky narration. There is a deep vulnerability Cassel has hidden due to his families circumstances.

Cassel and the reader are both floored by the discoveries the come to light midway through the novel. How he manages to extricate himself and his friends from the fallout, makes for an exciting climax to the novel and a bittersweet ending.


Great first book in the series!


The Lovely Getaway said...

so glad to see you enjoyed it! :) I ordered this one of amazon just last week! cant wait for it to come in <3
Will be back to compare thoughts...


Vasilly said...

This is the first review I've read of this book! It sounds amazing!