Tuesday, June 19, 2012

REVIEW: Corpse in the Crystal Ball by Kari Lee Townsend



BOOK 2: Fortune Teller Mysteries


In this second volume of the Fortune Teller Mysteries, we find Sunny both settled and unsettled. She has settled in nicely in the town of Divinity and her business is thriving. It's matters of the heart that are disturbing Sunny's calm, mainly her hearts reactions to one hunky police detective :Mitch. Despite choosing to stop their budding romance Sunny is thrown when Mitch's ex- girlfriend Isabel breezes into Divinity.Not only do Isabel's sultry looks set Sunny on edge but Isabel's attitude riles up the entire town.

When Isabel turns up missing Sunny is hired by the police department to help find her. Sunny's gifts guide her to Isabel's location and some-shocking revelations surrounding Isabel and Mitch's past.


I read a lot of books and It's easy to mix up plot and characters, yet with just a few pages into "Corpse"all the characters and situations came back to me. I also liked the character development of Sunny in this book. Though I confess she does go back and forth a little with her feelings towards Mitch but overall Sunny has matured and has more confidence in herself.


There are a few new characters this time around but I fell in love with Granny! Sunny's parents still aren't buying into her life choices so they have found a way to have Granny keep an eye on her. Instead Granny and Sunny form a mutual support system that leads to many comedic elements


This book had a lot going on but Kari balances it all deftly. I couldn't figure out the murderer in this book til the very end! Though full of danger, mystery and exploration of Sunny's gifts I would have liked a tad more romance. The end of the novel foreshadows some promising romantic developments, so I'm looking forward to the next novel in the series .


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