Saturday, July 7, 2012

REVIEW: CARDBOARD by Doug Tennapel









Cardboard is a wonderfully illustrated, yet timely tale about a down on his luck construction worker and his son. Mike’s industry has been adversely effected by the economy. Desperate for work he pounds the pavement trying to find a means to save his house and support himself. Worst of all its Mike’s son, Cam’s birthday and he doesn't have a present.  Desperate for something to bring home Mike buys a large empty box from a strange street vendor. Father and soon spend a pleasurable evening Father and Son fashion the box into  the form of a  male boxer. Bill the boxer surprises both of them with them by coming to life.


A jealous neighborhood boy named Marcus tricks Cam into explaining  how the cardboard works , then steals it from him.

Now Marcus’s darkest dreams come to life in a city of cardboard as Cam and his father fight to survive wicked creatures and take back the stolen cardboard.

Doug Tennapel is a very gifted artist and writer. Cardboard succeeds as an action packed  all ages read , yet it also explores some deeper emotional themes such as dealing with the loss of a loved one and what makes a bully act the way they do.


The magical cardboard is fascinating and even sometimes terrifying! Gorgeous art with expressive emotive characters and a very satisfying ending. This is a stand alone read perfect for boys and girls.


Really looking forward to more work form Doug in the future.

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