Friday, August 3, 2012

My Weekly Geek 2: Manga, Scoundrels, & Weekend Chills

Before I get to my geeky week I have to share this amazing book cover:
I'm so excited for this book! Such  sexy Han and Lando cover art. This book releases December 26th!
 This week it's been Manga/Anime geeking:

This is a manga series I'm currently obsessed with. Its set in a future where librarians are the only defense against forces seeking to restrict books and magazines they find objectable. I really enjoyed the premise of this story and the sweet romance.
I've also been catching up on Blackbird, which is a very sexy/sweet paranormal romance, with a dark paranormal slant.
Ive dubbed this weekend #ChillsWeekend. I'm reading some Advanced reading copies of books coming out in October and catching up on some Black Butler Anime:

This is a dark, steampunk inspired horror anime, if you haven't tried it I highly suggest it! happy Weekend!

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