Thursday, August 2, 2012

REVIEW: Dancergirl by Carol M. Tanzman









I’m always grateful for the opportunity to attend an ALA event, because without fail I always discover a new writer. At a Harlequin signing I met the lovely Carol M. Tanzman and got a signed copy of Dancergirl.  I really enjoyed this book! Alicia, the main character in this book is a talented young dancer. Alicia’s world is perfectly ordered until one internet video tears it apart. Alicia works and trains at the Moving Arts Dance Studio. She strives to perfect her art and dreams of a life in the dance world.

A product of a single parent home, Alicia spends her precious downtime with her friends, especially her best friend Jacy , who has recently been acting strangely and stirring unfamiliar feelings in her heart. So Alicia is excited when the gang gets together for a party. As the night goes on Alicia is able to block out her stress and just dance.  When a friend at the party takes a video of her dance and puts it online Alicia gains instant internet fame and some really creepy comments.


She teams up with her friend to make more dancergirl videos and her online presence grows. Then a series of strange events occur. Oinous emails and comments come her way and a very personal video turns up online, one that she didn't authorize.

Tanzman really revs up the tension in this read! Alicia’s friends don't understand her feelings, Jacy is keeping secrets from her and avoiding her calls and a major dance solo is filling her with nerves. A nail biter to the end! I’m really glad to have discovered Carol and will definitely be reading more books from her in the future.

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