Friday, August 17, 2012

REVIEW: Dark Companion by Marta Acosta

 Tor books has been rocking my review pile for quite a while now:) Dark Companion is a contemporary homage to Jane Eyre with some fascinating elements I really don't want to give away. Jane Williams has muddled memories of her past and a constant struggle in her present. An orphan who has aged out of the system, Jane lives in a group home where the residents are neglected and experience a multitude of verbal abuses.
Jane has spent a great majority of her time studying to achieve her escape: a scholarship to Birch Academy. Once she is settled into the school Jane begins to notice some strange things about her new haven. There are the strange rituals she comes across in the woods near her cottage, the mysterious disappearance of the previous scholarship student and the death of a teachers wife.
Jane is also distracted by two brothers Lucian and Jake. Both boys effect her in intimate and disturbing ways and one has a secret that will transform Jane's life.
I really enjoyed Marta's writing. I had a strong vision of Jane thru her narrative voice. I didn't expect the secrets surrounding Lucian's family and the school.
I really liked Jane's strength. Even when she had difficulties she handled them herself and with some of her friends from her former neighborhood. Wonderful Gothic feel and a character readers can really connect with .

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Candace said...

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. The author is going to be here next week with other Tor authors and I'm not sure if I will make it, but if I do I'm hoping to get this one.