Friday, August 3, 2012

REVIEW: Gone by Lisa McMann





Book 3 of the Wake Trilogy


The last book in a trilogy can be a really hard thing. There can be shocking changes, deaths, and for many readers disappointment or upset. I waited a log time to read Gone. I think a part of me didn't want to let Janie go :) In this third volume Janie is recovering from the events in Fade. She has been publicly outed as a Narc and has a lot of eyes on her. She decides to escape for a while with Cabel. Her vacation is rudely cut short by frantic calls from her best friend, her mother has run screaming into the street and is now in the hospital.


But it's not her mother who has been admitted but Janie’s absentee father. Janie is shaken to finally see her father. Anger and curiosity play a tug a war within her heart. As she discovers clues about her father she realizes that he has the same ability to enter dreams and has avoided it by living a reclusive life.

A great deal of the plot ebbs and flows with Janie’s emotions. I did love how Lisa hasn't sugarcoated Janie’s life or experiences but there was a lot of unfocused back in forth in this book. There are some truly brilliant bits about life love and loss. These books are such a healing tool for teens and adults . Janie is such a joy to read, I really resonated with her struggles with her mother and her powers. But through her own efforts and the support of healthy friends she thrives and is able to facilitate healing for others.

A bittersweet read for me but a satisfying conclusion. Really recommend this series!


Anonymous said...

Book one will always remain my favorite, but it's nice to see another reader who loves all three books. :)

Dazzling Mage said...

I agree, this was a great series, but there was just too many things, or not many things happening in the book. Pacing, probably. But yes, love Lisa McMann's style!