Tuesday, August 21, 2012

REVIEW: Soulbound by Heather Brewer

Book One: Legacy of Tril
Let me just start this review by saying I LOVE HEATHER BREWER! Unabashed fangirl admiration,  that may make being objective SUPER HARD, when it comes to her work! But what makes my reviewing "job" sooo easy is that she is a super talented writer :)
I first discovered Heather through her Vlad Tod series. While reading Vlad's adventures I always wondered what Heather would do with a  female protagonist. Now I know! In Soulbound we meet Kaya who has been living in a small village with her parents. Kaya has always known she was a Healer but she has lived far from the battles of the Council vs the Grapler King. That is until a Grapler attack in her town. Now  Kaya and her family are once again on the radar of the Zettai Council. Kaya is immediately ordered to  report to Shadow Academy for Healer training and to be bound to a Baron.
At the academy Kaya struggles with her subservient role as a Healer. This isn't due to her sex however but because of what she is. Male and Female healers are taught to put their Baron's lives before their own . They aren't even allowed to learn basic self defense moves! This doesn't sit well with Kaya who breaks years of tradition by finding some one to secretly train her to fight. This one move not only breaks centuries of tradition but also strains her bond relationship.
The Good
I loved this character! She is exactly the type of girl I love to read. I like the balance of determination and vulnerability Heather has given her.
The Story:
Last month I attended a workshop with some great writers, the topic was about World building. A statement stuck with me in that workshop:
 " Your Reader doesn't have to know every facet of your Universe , but you do"
This statement played out beautifully in Heather's book. Fantasy books can be tricky, especially the first book in a series. Heather deftly guides us into the world of Trill without sacrificing character development or action. Layer by Layer we learn about Tril, its traditions and its history.  I also enjoyed the male leads in this book. Trayton and Darius are very different guys who inspire different feelings in Kaya. I was happy to not see the typical angst filled love triangle, instead we see three people working out their emotions vs their duties.
I devoured this book in two days and am still thinking  about the twist filled climax and ending in my head! A very promising start to the Legacy of Tril. More please!

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Dazzling Mage said...

Really want to read this! I haven't read any of Heather Brewer's books, but it's on my list!