Monday, August 13, 2012

Tandem Review: Mayhem & Mesmerize by Artist Arthur


Books 3 & of the Mystyx Series
I'm a bit anal when it comes to series books. I usually HAVE to read them in order! When I went to goodreads to learn more about books 1&2 of this series : Manifest &Mystify I noticed that the first two books had some less than stellar reviews. Though all the reviews enjoyed the premise of the books they didn't enjoy the characters narrative voices. 
So I took a chance and read these books without reading the prior two. I'm glad I did! This is my first time reading Artist and I've become a fan of hers. 
Mayhem is Jake Palmer's story. Jake has found out he is the bearer of a dangerous power. He is a Mystx, along with 3 other young teens who have been brought together to fight against the darkness being harnessed by the evil Charon. I really enjoyed this book! Artist really catches the reader up with what has gone before as well as moving the overall story forward. Jake's journey is even more suspenseful because his power can turn the tide of the battle. I enjoyed the diversity of the characters in this series as well. Krystal is the heart of the group and also Jake's crush, it was nice to see an interracial romance as well as the slow blossoming of Jake & Krystal's love. They have a very strong friendship and respect for each other.
This book has an exciting climax and left me excited for book 4.
Lindsey Yi is the narrative voice of the final volume in the Mystyx series. Lindsey has the power to read minds. Lindsey is also tormented by her parents death. Dealing with her emotions is a huge part of finding personal peace and being able to fight the darkness.
When Lindsey meets Dylan Murphy she feels a stirring in her heart, yet nothing in her mind. She can't read him, at all. Though I understood Dylan's appeal I thought this was a fact that should have really put Lindsey on guard, but it didn't!
As she gets closer to Dylan the group as a whole is also moving towards it's final battle with Charon.
 I couldn't really connect with Lindsey at first, as the book went on however I really enjoyed watching the team come together and face the darkness. The ending was a little abrupt but satisfying, I look forward to reading more books by Artist.

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