Saturday, September 22, 2012

REVIEW: Bride's Story Vols: 1-3 by Kaoru Mori

This is a stunning series! Set in the 19th Century this story shows us the life of Amir Halgal. Amir is a a young woman who has married into the Eihon family. The Eihon family is a prosperous family that lives in Central Asia near the Caspian Sea. 
Upon arriving Amir is surprised to find her groom is 12 years old! Eight years younger than herself. I immediately fell in love with Amir. She has a lovely adaptable spirit about her. She barely lets the age difference between the two of them phase her. With the exception of a physical relationship the two are a very compatible couple. Karluk takes his role as husband very seriously. When the village gossips begin to talk about Amir's age and the number of years that must pass before she can conceive, Karluk reassures her that he is happy with her just the way she is.
Amir does struggle a little with her place in the family. The Eihon's are very structured and though she tries to help their is very little for her to do. One day she decides to make a special meal for the family and surprises everyone with her archery skills. Soon Karluk's siblings are all asking for bows and archery lessons.
Mori is such a gifted storyteller. Her passion and research for this project breathes through every page. In Volume 2 we learn more about the precarious life of women in Amir's world.
After settling comfortably in the Eihon home the family is surprised when Amir's brothers show up demanding her to return to her family. One of Amir's sisters who was sent to a powerful clan as a wife has died, rumors are spreading that she was actually harmed by her spouse. Now to keep peace the family decides to undo Amir's marriage and give her to the other clan. Amir is terrified, but her new family refuses to give her up. Amidst her fear and a furious battle Amir for the first time feels what its like to be valued and loved by a family.
Volume three shows us another side of life in the village as it focuses on a young widow named Talas. Talas is in a precarious position. She lives with the mother of her deceased husband on a small farm with a small amount of livestock. When Smith, a guestt of the Eihon family meets Talas her mother in law hopes the two will marry. But societal rules interfere and Smith finds himself unable to overcome them.
A gorgeous , thrilling read. This series is definitely one I will recommend to readers new to Manga. Really looking forward to book 4

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