Friday, September 28, 2012

REVIEW: Stars In Shorts

Short films are increasingly impressing the film community and more recently the general public. Film fans really responded to the ability to view the Oscar nominated shorts last year. Now with Stars in Shorts there is another opportunity to see a star studded cast cover a variety of genres.

Starting today in select theaters ( The Nuart for those in Los Angeles) and October 9 through Pay per View and ITunes, you can some experience some really great content.

Here are my favorites of the 7 films:


I'm such a fan of Kenneth Branagh! I've never seen him in a short film before and he really excels in the Sci-Fi thriller. A child with paranormal abilities is being held by a scary, powerful organization. Now her parents, Kenneth & Jennifer Morris
are on a dangerous rescue mission.

I would love to see more Sci-Fi shorts like this, very well done.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have Colin Firth as your neighbor? Who could resist him. Sure Steve ( Firth) is a tad needy, ok a LOT needy, but who wouldn't be knocking on lovely Keira
Knightley's door?
Really enjoyed this one as well.

Friend Request Pending

I didn't care what this short was about! I just was dying to see some new work by Tom Hiddleston (MY LOKI), post Avengers.
Tom was fantastic in this but eJudi Dench was also fabulous as a woman exploring the world of Internet dating for the first time .

Really want to see more releases like this in the future. Check them out! Now in Select Theaters and October 9th on ITunes

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