Monday, October 15, 2012


It's almost here!  One of my favorite times of the year: Halloween! I have a lot of really good scary reads to share with you this week, hope you check some oth them out. Wishing you lots of Treats and no Tricks :)


PUBLISHER: Antarctic Press

A bit of a homage to Diary of a Wimpy Kid ,  “Zombie” has  lots of gross bits boys and girls will enjoy.Bill Stokes is just a typical game obsessed boy. Bull’s father is in prison for trying to burn down their house and his mother is working several jobs as a research test subject to keep food on the table. One day however Bill’s mom begins to act differently. Soon both of them are infected with a Zombie Virus.
Bill doesn't really notice any huge changes. His gaming skills are a little off but he develops knew techniques to compensate. Bill and his mother don’t crave brains but  they are fascinated by decaying food and road kill pizza. In fact despite some gastrointestinal distress life is better than ever for Bill and his friends. This book sets up Bill’s world and places him on the path of his dreams by competing in a big gaming tournament 
This book is very nicely illustrated with black and white drawings that complement the story. Really fun , quick read .

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