Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Geeky Week : Classic Doctor Who, Multiple Warheads & Bravest Warriors!

Hi everyone! I've been immersed in lots of geeky reading this week including this wonderful collection of Concrete by Paul Chadwick:

While searching Netflix  this week I discovered they put a bunch of classic Doctor Who episodes on their streaming video!! So much goodness! Goodbye Productivity :)

Adventure time creator Pendleton Ward has a new animated series debuting soon called Bravest Warriors. The six issue miniseries written by Joey Comeau and artist Mike Holmes debuted last week and I picked up the first issue. I really enjoyed it. Boom studios is really succeeding at making family friendly comics, its nice to read a comic that is just genuinely fun.

Creator Brandon Graham is back on a creator owned project called
Multiple Warheads

I love Brandon's work. His work has a strong Science Fiction feel to it but also a sense of gritty realism. I also love Brandon's characters especially his female characters. Brandon is an author who "gets" it when it comes to female characters. His women are sexy as hell, kick ass fighters yet also lovers and nurturers. It's obvious in every panel how much Brandon loves women in all their  many aspects. A lot of creators could learn the difference between sexy and sexualization, by studying his work. Highly recommend this series and also pick up the trade collection of his previous series King City:


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