Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Hidden by Sophie Jordan


Firelight Series Book 3 of 3

Ah! Trilogies End! There is always a sense of anticipation and maybe a tad bit of sadness as we prepare to say goodbye to characters we have come to care for.

I like trilogies though.There is a definite, visible growth in the author  and characters.

Hidden is the 3rd book focusing on the Draki (Dragon) Jacinda, her family, and her not quite human love Will.

Despite the small page count this book neatly wraps up some major plot points from the prior two books along with introducing some fascinating new characters.

The Good

Here there be ACTION!! From the opening chapters this book plunges the reader and Jacinda into some perilous situations. Allowing herself to be captured in order to rescue Cassian's sister, Jacinda sees first hand the evils inflicted on her fellow dragons by a group of scientist who see them only as a puzzle to be studied and dissected.

While trapped Jacinda realized how deeply her bond with Cassian is to surviving and questions how she and Will can make it in a world where they should be enemies.

From deep beneath the Earth to a desperate road race and finally back to where it all began: the Dragon clans home, Answers are given and choices are made that will effect everyone's future.

I really enjoyed this book. I did have a
little issue with Will and Jacinda's romance. It just came off a bit needy to me. As a first love I know feelings would logically be intensified but I found that Jacinda always seemed to struggle with leaving her sister and Cassian
Sophie is a very talented writer but she never was able to truly connect me with Will. There is a influx of new characters that Sophie balanced beautifully and who I became really invested with but Will just stayed blah with me :) I would love to know what other readers of the series think. Because honestly *Possible Spoiler*
I think Jacinda chose the wrong guy !

But I am prone to playing "favorites" where love triangles are involved!
Looking forward to the next Journey Sophie will lead her fans on

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